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From Testing to Touring

Testing is a vital part of our design and development process. Before we launch a new product, our community of ambassadors and friends test prototypes extensively the world over – from the heat of Sub-Saharan Africa to the snowy trails of Canada. Our Built to Last philosophy means these prototypes remain usable and functionally equal to the final product long after they’ve served their main purpose as prototypes, so we make them available through Revive to minimise waste.

Built to Last: Sofiane Sehili’s
Full Frame Pack

Sofiane Sehili’s Backcountry Full Frame Pack has possibly graced more podiums than any other pack we know of. When our partnership came to an end, Sofiane donated the pack to Revive for another rider to take over the adventure. Few packs have experienced so many hard earned miles, but our Built to Last philosophy means there are many more adventures left in this one

PLASTIQU’ADOUR: An Eco-Adventure Aboard a Plastic Bottle Canoe

Joffrey Maluski and Loïc Forques share their journey along the Adour River, in France, on a boat constructed from bamboo and 600 plastic bottles. Together, they assembled the boat and used bikes to tow it to the source of the Adour River where they then paddled the length of the river to meet the ocean at Anglet.

Built to Repair

We believe in producing packs that are Built to Last. The longer a pack is in use, the lower the environmental impact of the resources used to make it. Much like a bike, packs sometimes need a bit of upkeep and maintenance to keep them working well over the years, which is why we design our packs to be easily repaired. By investing in returning purpose to these packs through revive, we hope to reduce unnecessary waste and extend the useful lifecycle of idle packs.

Self-Support: The Ultimate Roadside Repair Guide for Bikepackers

We’ve compiled Self-Support, the ultimate guide for roadside repairs. With expert advice and knowledge from around the bikepacking community, it covers basic repairs and maintenance for the three cornerstones of any bikepacking setup: your bike, your gear, and yourself.

It’s Never ‘Just’ a Pack,
It’s Never ‘Just’ a Repair

These days, it’s often easier to replace worn-out items than repair them, but in doing so we lose the history and stories associated with the original item. This is the story of the most complicated repair we’ve ever undertaken and why we felt it was so important to do so.

Built to Last: Patrick Martin Schröder’s
Frame Pack

From touring through Germany to exploring Ghana on an electric bamboo bike, Patrick Schröder has taken his Backcountry Frame Pack on long expeditions all over the world. The combination of bulky battery packs and tours spanning 140 countries wore a hole in the pack but a small repair by our team has Patrick back on the road continuing on his endeavour to visit every country in the world.

Built to Last: Kristof Allegaert’s
Top Tube Pack

Kristof Allegaert’s Top Tube Pack has accompanied him on ultra-races and podiums all over the world, from the Transcontinental Race to the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme. It was during extensive night-time riding in the Siberian wilderness that he purposefully damaged his pack, leading to cable ports becoming a standard feature of every Top Tube Pack we make.