close-up of different bikepacking packs together

Revive Program

Revive products are packs that, whilst once having a purpose, are currently sat idle. They have lived varied lives – from pre-production prototypes to Transcontinental Race veterans – but if they’ve made it into the program, that means we are happy that they will perform to the level they were designed to for many years to come.


Icon of a top tube pack with a stitched in the middle of it

These packs have been professionally stitched, patched or welded back into shape. They meet our high quality standards but may not look brand new – though bikepacking gear rarely does after a good adventure!


Icon of a top tube pack next to a sponge

These packs were most likely used for testing by our ambassadors during the development process. They may show very minor signs of use or repair patches and have been checked, cleaned, and signed off as ready for new adventures.


Icon of a top tube pack next to a magnifier

These packs are in perfect working order and were most likely produced as part of our product development process. They may deviate from the current production equivalent in very minor ways that do not affect their utility.

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