Why Revive? – Giving idle packs a purpose.

Over time we found ourselves with a studio full of packs left over from our testing and development process. Each pack represents resources – fabric, time and energy – no longer in use but still useful. This is the definition of unnecessary waste.


We know many in the bikepacking community share our views on waste and would rather give purpose to a revived high-quality product than invest in a low-cost product with an inherently shorter lifecycle. We hope that by investing in getting these packs back into circulation we can reduce unnecessary waste and extend the useful lifecycle of idle packs.

Where do Revive Products come from?

Revive products’ origins vary. If we can repair a pack and return it to its original level of function, then it makes the cut. Some packs are production samples or returns, whilst others are packs in our sample room that are no longer living a purposeful life.

What’s the difference between sample, refurbished and repaired packs?

To help navigate the Revive Program we have split packs into three definitions: samples, refurbished packs, and repaired packs. Each of these conditions is explained in more detail within the shop pages of the Revive site.



These packs are in perfect working order and were most likely produced as part of our product development process. They may deviate from the current production equivalent in very minor ways that do not affect their utility.



These packs were most likely used for testing by our ambassadors during the development process. They may show very minor signs of use or repair patches and have been checked, cleaned, and signed off as ready for new adventures.



These packs have been professionally stitched, patched or welded back into shape. They meet our high quality standards but may not look brand new – though bikepacking gear rarely does after a good adventure!


Do Revive products encourage consumption?

We hope not. Our aim is to replace the demand for new, low-cost products (often with inherently shorter lifecycles) with high-quality packs that are already in existence and will do a better job for longer.

What about all the shipping?

Although there is an environmental impact from shipping items, we believe choices are not binary. All of us enjoy living our lives, and our ethos focuses around finding better ways to do this. In the case of Revive, when we consider the lifecycle impacts of a product, shipping is not the largest contributor. The environmental savings of keeping or getting a product in use (compared to building a new one) far outweighs the impact of shipping it.

How are Revive products repaired?

As part of our design process, we try to consider the full life of a product. Like a bicycle, if used for long enough, the need for the odd repair is inevitable to prolong the life of the pack. When designing packs, we have this in mind and all of our packs are Built to Repair. As a result, with the right know-how and a bit of time, most repairs can be undertaken in-house using the same methods used to make the pack in the first place.

How are Revived products cleaned?

The fabrics we choose to make our packs are generally easy to take care of and Revived products are usually cleaned manually during the inspection process, using soap and water.

Is my Revive purchase covered by Apidura warranty?

Yes. Apidura covers defects in material and craftsmanship including repairs undertaken for a pack to be sold under the Revive name. This warranty is for the reasonable lifetime and intended usage of the products. Should any flaw appear due to defective materials or craftsmanship, we will gladly repair the product.

Do you accept returns on Revive products?

As part of our aim to minimise the impact we have on the environment, we seek to reduce the need for returns wherever possible. If you are worried about fit, please get in touch before placing your order. That said, we understand that on occasion you may need to return an item. We offer a full refund for items returned up to 14 days from delivery.

Can I donate my old Apidura packs to Revive?

Yes. If you have packs that are not being used, then we’d rather they found a way to people who will put them to use. Please send an email, including photos and a short description of their condition and any faults to [email protected] Our repair team are pretty good, but sometimes packs truly are beyond their best and it may be time to let them go for good (after rescuing anything that can be used for spares or repairing other packs!).

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