Shipping & Returns

Estimated delivery is 5-7 working days for most destinations*


Please note that this estimate is not guaranteed, we suggest if you need to order packs to a deadline you visit our main website. We aim to ship Revive orders by courier quickly as possible directly from our London office.  – Because Revive packs are held separately from our regular stock unfortunately regular website orders and Revive orders cannot be combined for shipping purposes.



*We strive to be a global business but sadly at this time we can only ship Revive packs to the following destinations: Canada, EU, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, United States (mainland) & United Kingdom. We use FedEx for most international shipments, shipping times may vary with the ongoing disruption of covid-19.



Please be advised that shipping services to Russia and Belarus are currently suspended.


Indicative delivery charges

United Kingdom£2.00 / £5.00
European Union7.90€
Norway & Switzerland£7.90
United States (Mainland Only)$9.15
CanadaCAD $12.19
South Korea£12.00

taxes and duties

Our prices for orders to the UK¹, EU², Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Japan and the USA³, are quoted inclusive of all tax, duties and VAT.

Brexit has not impacted the service we offer to the EU². Apidura will continue to be responsible for the payment of any Value Added Charge (VAT) and duties for these orders.


Orders shipped outside of the UK, EU, Switzerland, Canada, Japan and the USA will not include VAT.


The payment of local duties, taxes and brokerage fees are the responsibility of the customer. If you do not know how much (if any) import tax you may need to pay, please check with your local customs authority before completing your purchase. Please note that clearing customs may introduce delays to the delivery of your order.


If your goods are undeliverable or refused for any reason, and are returned back to us, we reserve the right to reclaim from you any associated costs that may be charged to us. If you decide to return your item(s), please note that applicable Taxes & Duties are non-refundable.


It is a legal requirement that we declare the full transaction value of the contents of all packages.

Warranty and Returns

Revive packs are covered by our standard Apidura warranty. Revive purchases may be returned within 14 days from the receipt of your order. For further information on both warranty and returns, please see our Revive FAQ or contact us at [email protected].