a man cycling with a repaired saddle pack on his bike toward an ice fjord

Returning Purpose to Idle Packs

As a result of our testing and development process, we have a collection of sample, refurbished and repaired packs sitting idle – an investment of resources, going to waste.

By purchasing revived packs, you give purpose back to idle packs while also helping reduce unnecessary waste and (we hope) reducing demand for new low-cost products with shorter lifecycles.

The Revive Program

Revive products have lived varied lives – from pre-production prototypes to Transcontinental Race veterans – and often show the signs of their journeys with pride. But if they’ve made it into the program, that means we have checked them, repaired and cleaned them and are happy that they will perform to the level they were designed to for many years to come.

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a repaired top tube pack in a grey background

Built to Last, Built to Repair.

We believe in producing packs that are Built to Last. The longer a pack is in use, the lower the environmental impact of the resources used to make it. Much like a bike, packs sometimes need a bit of upkeep and maintenance to keep them working well over the years, which is why we design our packs to be easily repaired. By investing in returning purpose to these packs through revive, we hope to reduce unnecessary waste and extend the useful lifecycle of idle packs.

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Patch my pack

Our Built to Repair design means that more often than not you can patch your packs at home and get them on the road again.

Help with a repair?

If your pack has taken a fall, our talented repair team are happy to take a look. More often than not, we are able to sew, weld and patch damaged packs back into shape.